International Tour Management Institute (ITMI)

The Premier Training Institute for Tour & Travel Professionals Since 1976

The premier training institute for tour and travel professionals since 1976.


For 30 years, the Annual ITMI Symposium & Reunion is 5-day event-packed conference of ITMI Alumni, Tour Companies and Industry Leaders. Held in a different city each year, Symposium is a unique opportunity to engage in meaningful exchanges with the Travel & Tourism Community.

Tour Companies, Tour Directors, Tour Guides, Meeting & Event Planners, DMCs, Incentive Companies, Cruise Lines, Suppliers, DMOs and Travel Journalists will all benefit from this 30-year, one-of-a-kind event by connecting and reconnecting with others in the travel industry. Attendees will keep up-to-date through interactive panel discussions which offer opportunities to talk about issues critical to the tourism industry and to discover new opportunities and form new alliances. 

Why Should You Attend Symposium?

Symposium is an investment in your personal and professional growth and development. You will gain valuable insights from expert speakers and benefit from informative, interactive panel discussions. A technology workshop will provide you with the latest information about cutting-edge technology and how it can benefit you at work and at play. Tour Companies and Tour Directors will meet one another in numerous social and professional networking environments. Marketplace roundtable job interviews provide the setting for both Tour Companies and Tour Directors to find the right match for employment opportunities in the coming year and beyond. Symposium also helps you to expand your destination knowledge by offering complimentary pre/post sightseeing FAM tours.


What Tour Companies Say

"In general the most valuable feature of Symposium is the access and interaction we get with the graduates. This is a venue that is unprecedented in the industry and the only lifeline we have to meeting and eventually hiring passionate industry professionals. With the broad gateways across the country that your graduates represent this face-to-face exposure is by far the most valuable feature that is offered in our industry for Travel/Tour Directors/Guides and Local Experts." Destination America

"The ITMI Symposium is a highly professional, fun and vibrant event that educates and connects those at the sharp end of the Travel industry." TravelSphere - AllLeisure Holidays Group

"Symposium is a brilliant combination of functions & forums designed with the end in mind - to position qualified, passionate travel professionals in the hiring path of industry leaders. I enjoy that magic moment when we find the perfect match for us that I know will translate into an amazing & enjoyable travel experience for our valued guests." Globus Family of Brands

Tour Director Certification
Tour Manager Networking


Education and Panel Discussions: Storytelling, Communication, Interviewing Skills, Technology & Social Media, Health on the Road, Starting your own Tour Company, Taxes and Financial Planning, Ask the Tour Company, Update on the Tour Industry and more...

Recent Speakers: Rick Steves, Martha Johnson, Pam Grout, Diane Ciotta, Jay Sullivan, Jodie Stewart, Sarah Elkins, Barry Moltz, Catherine Heeg, Patrick Allitt, Ph.D., Elizabeth Becker, just to name a few...

Industry Trends: The Rise of Eco Tourism, Cultural Literacy, Global Ambassadorship, Sustainability of Tourism as a Global Business, Cultural Heritage, Intergenerational Travel & Social Media.

Networking: ITMI Tour Guides and Tour Directors have the opportunity to network and build relationships with tour companies and fellow regional and international alumni.

Interviews: ITMI Tour Guides and Tour Directors may select to interview face-to-face with tour companies that represent regional, domestic and international tours. Tours companies include; Tauck, Rick Steves Europe, Adventures by Disney, Collette, Globus Family of Brands, Destination America, Trafalgar, Insight Vacations, Cosmos, Viking River Cruises, ATI, Contiki, WorldStrides, Gate 1 Travel, DreamTrips, EF Educational Travel, YMT Vacations, Mayflower Tours, Holiday Vacations, Premier World Discovery, Holland America - Princess, Scenic Tours and many more...

FAM Tours

FAM Tours or Familiarization Tours are a way for ITMI Tour Directors, Tour Guides, Tour Companies and guests to get to know destinations around North America while attending Symposium. The ITMI Symposium & Reunion devotes two-days during the five-day conference to destination knowledge. Recent Symposium FAM tours include: Santa Fe, Nashville, Yosemite, Boston, Atlanta, San Antonio, Charleston, Napa Valley, Newport, Tucson, San Marcos, San Diego, New Orleans, Hawaii and many, more throughout the last 28 Symposiums. Featured in 2016: Las Vegas, Temecula Wine Country, Palm Springs, Huntington Beach, Hollywood, Calico and Los Angeles.

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