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So I Married a Tour Guide...What Could Go Wrong?

Day in the Life, So I Married a Tour Guide, Tour Guide AdventuresDean Jackson1 Comment

A hurricane hit Cabo and it wasn't my fault. I’ve been known to throw an unintentional monkey wrench into our plans (more on that later), but this vacation was smooth sailing.  Like most of our trips this one was planned to the last detail by my dedicated tour guide and wife. We were set up for a relaxing week of reading on the beach, a couple of tours, some sightseeing, and some great meals. Our time share was booked, our airfare was paid for, and our packing lists made (these included one carry on each, with bathing suits, sun glasses and casual clothing, sandals, and not much else). Unfortunately, Mother Nature had her own plans.

It seems that a hurricane had it out for our resort. With precision and expert marksmanship the storm made a b-line directly for the lounge chairs which had been reserved for our enjoyment. This was a week and a half before our scheduled departure, the airline tickets were not refundable, and the resort; having lost electricity, it’s restaurant and other amenities, could not guarantee that it would be up and running when we were scheduled to arrive. So now what?

Enter the traveler’s salvation….Trip Insurance! As you can probably surmise, my wife in an excellent planner, planning for the unknown is a specialty. She had purchased a Cancel For Any Reason insurance policy (for us it was just over $100), and this enabled us to cancel our trip, receive a reimbursement of 75% of our airfare (we could have received reimbursement for lodging and other non-refundable items if necessary), and quickly plan a whirlwind vacation to New Orleans.

So to the Big Easy we went! Food tours booked, restaurants reserved, concert tickets purchased. Though we had to re-think our packing, as simply casual would no longer do, we were on the fast track for some jazzy fun. What could go wrong? Remember the monkey wrench I mentioned earlier? Well, on the way to our first food tour, on the third day of the trip, I lost a fight with gravity. I tripped on uneven pavement and….drum roll please…..I broke my arm. Sad to say, no alcohol was involved prior to my fall, though plenty was involved after. So now what?

I decided to persevere. Thanks to technology I was able to video conference with my doctor, get instructions on how to immobilized my arm, and get a prescription for pain meds. Let me be clear, I didn’t know at the time that my arm was broken, both me and my doctor thought it was a sprain. Had I known, I would have visited the emergency room and had to deal with a cast in 90 degree weather and 90% humidity (far less pleasant than keeping my arm in a sling). Though I wouldn’t recommend skipping the doctor if you break your arm, I do believe that my choice ultimately allowed me to enjoy (with some modification) the rest of my trip. This was something that my personal tour guide could not plan for, so it was necessary to have a good attitude, adjust some plans so I could rest my arm, and just go with the flow. Ultimately we still had a great trip!

As I sit now, typing with one hand, I don’t regret staying the course, though in the future I’ll watch my step (and actually my wife now watches it for me wherever we go, “careful, there’s a curb”). While I ended up having a few days more off of work than I had planned, I’m not complaining.

So I married a tour guide, and plans change. So watch your step.