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ITMI Becomes NFTGA Affiliate Member

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From the NFTGA..."We are very pleased that ITMI has become an Affiliate member of NFTFA-USA and look forward to sharing information and working together to enhance the guiding profession and experience for the tourists we guide."

NFTGA-USA held it’s biennial conference in January.  In addition to the election of new officers, the topics at the conference focused on guides, local associations and the NFTGA can continue to adapt to the changing world of touring.  A summary of the conference can be found at the NFTGA website,,,in the About Us tab. 

One of the results from the conference was recognition of the need to continue to improve communication among our members.  As with any organization, this is an on-going effort. Some of the activities we’ve done are:

  • Introduced an informative quarterly newsletter on topic of general interest to the guiding profession
  • Distribute newsletters from the ABA, US Travel Association and other travel-related associations to our members to distribute to their membership
  • Continued to update our website to keep current with contact information
  • Increased our visibility on Facebook to share information
  • Spoke about the importance of using professional guides at the annual NTA conference

We’ve also continued to advocate for the guiding community by both through sharing experiences regarding regulatory issues and participating in U.S. Travel Association Legislative fly-in session, which included congressional visits to discuss issues impacting the tourist industry and guiding. 

NFTGA member associations are in 19 locations.  There are many places where there are no guiding associations and we have been talking with several about how to form one.  Associations can be large or small. We are happy to work with guides to help form an association in their area if one does not currently exist.