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Visiting Santa Monica for a Perfect Summer Getaway

Day in the Life, Tips & Tricks, Travel InspirationDebbie FranksComment

The seemingly endless rains of Seattle and Portland. Dallas and Phoenix’s encroaching heat. New York and Atlanta’s oppressive humidity and bugs—or Chicago or Boston’s blizzards. Wherever you’re from, there are times of the year when you seek an escape from your usual climate, a place where you can embrace the new while feeling comfortable in your own skin. If your mind has begun wandering to travel, visiting Santa Monica, California just might fit the bill.

My Roam Sweet Roam...Oh the Places You Could Go!

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ITMI has become my family. One that has the same passions as me. We all truly love interacting with others, breaking down those barriers just to be human to human. Bringing our unique skills and ideas, we all have our own intimacy with travel, and I am so thankful to have met and get to know these people with same mindsets as me. I am so happy we have officially graduated with our certification!

An Arizona Road Trip Adventure Along Route 66

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It may be a strange place for a Canadian to end up for their winter vacation – well, unless you’re a snow bird that is! Due to North America’s sheer size few locals concentrate on their own backyard and instead dream of exotic lands far, far away. So when some fellow tour director friends of mine decided to fly into Las Vegas and drive to Flagstaff for an adventure, how could I say no?

5 Tour Directing & Tour Guiding Myths

Day in the LifeAaron OggComment

Becoming a Tour Guide and Traveling for a Living: A day in the life of a tour director or tour guide might sound too good to be true. Visiting exotic locales. Exploring fascinating cultures. Meeting amazing people. That’s not a task list characteristic of a typical day job. The truth is, these components make up only part of what it means to embark on this exciting career path. With the glamour and prestige come dedication and hard work. Still, those who have devoted their lives to this noble profession concur that the rewards are well worth all the effort.

The Great Teacher & Healer...Keep Traveling

Day in the Life, European Travels, Outreach & Inspiration, Make a DifferenceITMI14 Comments

Terrorists commit heinous acts not only to kill, but also to change who we are and how we think.  Their goals are to instill fear in the brave, uncertainty in the confident, and apathy in the passionate.  If people become fearful then the terrorists will win. Utilizing travel as our greatest teacher and healing force…We must continue to travel with open hearts, forge new bonds across continents, and build bridges of cultural understanding that cannot be destroyed by fear.