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These 20 Jobs Offer the Best Work Life Balance - Tour Guide is #3!

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If you feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done, you're not alone. That's so obvious, right? It's the understatement of the year. The fact is, most people today are feeling overworked and we're more stressed out than ever. In a recent survey 87% of people said they're overworked, 30% of them by five or more hours per week.

Consider an Exciting Second Act: Tour Director

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We made the leap for many reasons: death of a spouse or parent, retirement from a long career that enabled us to try something new and stay active, looking forward to social and intellectual gratification, joy in meeting new people and experiencing new places and cultures, and a desire to get paid for something we enjoy doing anyway are all motivations I’ve heard. Several people mentioned this is a great fit for their skillsets of working with people and organizing tasks and group activities