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Tour...God of Thunder

So I Married a Tour Guide, Tour Guide AdventuresDean JacksonComment

One could forgive Thor for not engaging a tour guide in Asgard, it is, after all, his home town. Still, having lived in both New York City and in San Francisco I can attest to the fact that taking a tour in one’s city can be a blast. New restaurants, unseen museums, lovely possibilities. In San Francisco we have the Golden Gate Bridge, in Asgard they have the Bifrost, two beautiful bridges worth seeing (if one of them  hadn’t already been destroyed by a fire demon).

My Roam Sweet Roam...Oh the Places You Could Go!

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ITMI has become my family. One that has the same passions as me. We all truly love interacting with others, breaking down those barriers just to be human to human. Bringing our unique skills and ideas, we all have our own intimacy with travel, and I am so thankful to have met and get to know these people with same mindsets as me. I am so happy we have officially graduated with our certification!

An Arizona Road Trip Adventure Along Route 66

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It may be a strange place for a Canadian to end up for their winter vacation – well, unless you’re a snow bird that is! Due to North America’s sheer size few locals concentrate on their own backyard and instead dream of exotic lands far, far away. So when some fellow tour director friends of mine decided to fly into Las Vegas and drive to Flagstaff for an adventure, how could I say no?

The Experience. The Adventure: Changing Lives One Tour At A Time

Tour Guide AdventuresITMIComment

Zoe is one of a growing number of young people who want to see the world, experience other cultures and make a difference. The explosive growth of the student tour and multi-generational segments of the tourism industry have created a high demand for college students and recent college graduates with a spirit of adventure and an outgoing personality, who can lead tour groups around the world.