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ITMI Alumni in Cuba

ITMI Alumni in Cuba

ITMI Cornerstone Commitments to Our Alumni

ITMI is committed to providing you the education, skills and certification needed to become a professional tour director and guide.

The education you have experienced during your training is second to none and will continue throughout your travel career.  Because of ITMI’s 40 years of unparalleled professional training and the success of you and your colleagues "on the road," we are proud to say that you are the most sought after tour directors and tour guides in the world.

We strive to continue our ongoing partnership with you by following your career path with available guidance hours each month, graduate follow-up reviews, social media, and technology support. We know what you want to check off your “bucket list.” Our reputation is based upon this mutual partnership with you.

Upon graduation you become a member of the ITMI Community. ITMI is the world’s largest network of tour directors and guides. Alumni run into each other all over the globe...from Antarctica to Zimbabwe. Stay connected through all our social media avenues and join us each year at the Annual ITMI Symposium and Reunion

ITMI champions your accomplishments, as you become a successful tour director and guide, through the alumni profiles. We love showcasing your travels and encourage you to share pictures and stories of your life on the road with your colleagues.

After graduation you are eligible to attend our 5-day Annual ITMI Symposium and Reunion. Come to share your wisdom, be a part of continuing education sessions, receive destination knowledge, join networking opportunities and enhance your resume through face-to-face interviews with a wide variety of ITMI tour company partners.

Help us support you through Outreach. As tour directors and guides we know you make a difference by creating cultural bridges of understanding everyday. In Outreach, we are detailing your efforts thru inspirational stories in your various roles as stewards of the environment and how you give back to your local community, help you generate awareness of issues affecting our global community and acknowledge your efforts to better our world.  #ITMIMakesADifference  


Approximately 45 days after you graduate, one of your primary instructors will contact you to review the goals you defined when you graduated. You and your instructor will reassess and make any strategic changes necessary to ensure that you have been able to obtain employment as a tour director or guide.

Alumni Guidance / Counseling days
The ITMI Team is here to encourage, support and help you strengthen your skills necessary to be successful long after you leave the training.  Each month, on our calendar, we post counseling days. Alumni counseling days are designed especially for our Alumni. Prior to the appointment you will be asked to fill out a graduate follow-up form. It will help the team determine the next steps to further your career goals. 

Job Leads
Every day, our tour operator partners contact us with local and international tour jobs. We work with more than 700 tour companies around the world. We pass those on to you throughout the life of your career. Although we do as much as we can to assist you, we cannot guarantee employment. ITMI is always available to assist you should you experience any challenges on the road or in gaining employment.

ITMI Annual Symposium and Reunion
For over three decades, ITMI has been hosting a one-of-a-kind event exclusively for ITMI alumni. It is designed for you with educational opportunities to strengthen your personal and professional development. Motivational Speakers, Interactive Panel Discussions and Complimentary FAM Tours provide you with additional destination knowledge and exclusive opportunities for Roundtable interviews with tour operators, who come each year to find the right person for employment opportunities in the coming season and beyond. 

A Trusted Brand
We are proud of the fact that ITMI is the trusted brand in the industry. Our tour company partners hire more ITMI alumni because of our commitment to hands-on skills training, the overall thoroughness of our program and our alumni's commitment to their professional development. They also realize how many ways we stay in touch with our alumni. By understanding the tour company’s mission and getting to know our alumni really well, we are able to recommend just the right person for their company’s needs. We follow your career path with guidance hours, follow up reviews, social media and technology support.

Let us help you add stamps to your passport while you show others the world.

ITMI Library

Alumni have exclusive access to the ITMI Library, a comprehensive resource center that provides valuable information from a variety of sources. Alumni can find maps, city tours, research and tour commentary. In addition, Alumni will find professional development tools to successfully balance their personal and tour lives.

Please email for if you do not have your Alumni access code.

The ITMI Family in Santa Fe

The ITMI Family in Santa Fe

ITMI Alumni from Rome, San Francisco & New Orleans

ITMI Alumni from Rome, San Francisco & New Orleans

ITMI Alumni in New York City

ITMI Alumni in New York City

ITMI Alumni Touring in Venice

ITMI Alumni Touring in Venice

San Francisco Tour Reunion

San Francisco Tour Reunion

ITMI Alumni in New England

ITMI Alumni in New England