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Why Tour Guides Are Essential Meeting and Event Teammates

Professional tour guides possess a unique repertoire of people skills and organizational prowess that will elevate your meeting or event. Your management team will be inspired by their energy and insight. Your guests will know they are respected and valued. You will reap the short- and long-term benefits of creating a world-class experience. Here are several reasons tour guides make extraordinary meeting and event team members. [full post] >>

ITMI President and Co-Founder Ted Bravos Reflects on 40 Years of ITMI and Looks to the Future in NTA Courier

'The Best Seat on the Coach'

Longtime NTA member Ted Bravos marks a career milestone and reviews changes within the tour industry (pg. 56). [full post] >>

“…Ted Bravos and the International Tour Management Institute that he founded, have made being a tour director a career. He has trained thousands of people in the art and craft of being tour managers and most of his graduates find work in this fascinating niche in the travel business. Think traveling and getting paid to do it. Elizabeth and Paul talk with Ted about the business and how it has changed…” [full post] »



Tour Guides in Training Learn to Handle the Unexpected [full article] »

By Michelle Baran / February 04, 2015

“…The tour director who really excels really knows how to set the mood for the entire trip,” said Bravos, who co-founded ITMI in 1976 and remains an active tour director. Since its inception, ITMI has produced more than 7,000 graduates. “[They are] the ones who know how to motivate people, get people to stretch, to grow to do something they would have never have done on their own, to try new food, to go snorkeling for the first time. They know how to be a good listener and a good navigator…” [full article] »


How to Become a Tour Guide [full article] »

“…Look at your cubicle. Gray. Square. Unending drudgery in a box. Now, close your eyes (after you're done reading this) and imagine Hollywood movie sets, beautiful historic districts, or foreign and exotic locales teeming with vibrant and interesting people who hang on your every word. Picture this setting as your "office." Now you know what it's like to be a tour guide! We'll show you how to become a tour guide so you can enjoy working in a variety of settings, and get paid for the privilege!…” [full article] »


Contiki Vacations Tour Manager Eileen Street [full article] »

By Kim Conway / 2014

“…After you have some travel experience, take your interests and the skills you know, and start researching how you can turn that into a career. I like customer service, business, traveling, and learning, so tour managing with Contiki Vacations seemed like the perfect fit for me. If you’re interested in being a tour manager, look into ITMI (International Tour Management Institute)…” [full article] »


Starting a New Career in Midlife [full article] »

By Sandra Block / November 2013

“…To prepare for his career switch, Friedman took a two-week course at the International Tour Management Institute in San Francisco in March 2011. He started conducting tours in August of that year as an independent contractor and in 2012 decided to focus on student tours. “Students are so eager,” he says. ‘They like to learn. Their eyes are wide open.’

Now he works for about seven different tour companies for four to five months of the year. Most of his tours, which last from three to nine days, are in Washington, D.C., New York, Philadelphia and Boston…” [full article] »


TOURific Escapes combines Los Angeles tours and delicious food [full article] »

By GROUP TOUR MEDIA / September 24, 2013

“…Trish Procetto never pictured herself as a tour guide, let alone a business owner. Procetto and her husband, Matt Rubenstein, own TOURific Escapes, a three-year-old Los Angeles-based tour company that provides sightseeing and food tours…

Procetto, who described herself as a proud ITMI graduate, said she is proud the company has made its mark on the big L.A. tourism scene…” [full article] »


In Tourism, Classes Can Open Doors [full article] »

By Tanya Mohn / March 18, 2013

“…Ted Bravos, chief executive of the International Tour Management Institute, says he is careful to enroll only the number of students that the market can support.

Still, he is always looking to develop new markets, like the growing number of tourists from Brazil and China, by training Americans who speak the languages of those countries. The institute also provides hands-on training and job referrals.

Mr. Linder, the tour director, confirms this. “Most of the work I get is through International Tour Management Institute,” he said…” [full article] »


So You Want to be a Tour Guide [full article] »

By Annie Fitzsimmons / January 22, 2013

“…When people say ‘I wish I could travel for a living!’ I start talking about the sheer number of opportunities out there…” [full article] »


A Tribute to the Tour Director [full article] »

By David Cogswell / January 02, 2013

“…Ted Bravos, CEO of the International Tour Management Institute (ITMI), which trains tour directors, agrees that they are the hidden heroes of the travel industry. “The single most important element of a successful group tour experience, is the tour director,” he says. “Tour directing is like project management on wheels. Tour directors are the ‘eyes and ears’ of the tour company. They are paid to make decisions on the other side of the world that the owner of the tour company would do if they were standing in their shoes…” [full article] »


If You Work so You Can Travel, Why Not Travel for Work? [full article] »


“…Do you still dream of exploring the world? Maybe seeing other places excites you or learning about other cultures gives you a better understanding of yourself and your place in the world. If you’ve always wanted to travel more, make 2008 the year it happens by choosing a career that will take you there…”