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Learn more about the ITMI experience from our Staff, Faculty and Alumni in our collection of videos and articles. 

VIDEOS : An Introduction to ITMI, Tour Directing and Tour Guiding

Learn how ITMI can help you get paid to travel. ITMI's certification program will teach you all you need to know about Tour Guiding and Tour Directing and will help you with job placement upon graduating. [3:09]

Ted Bravos, CEO of ITMI, explains the qualities that are necessary to be a successful tour guide or tour director. Learn whether a career as a tour professional is right for you, no matter what your age or background. [7:02]

Is travel your passion? Watch this short introduction to Tour Directing and Tour Guiding, and find out how you can get started. Learn how to get paid to travel with a new career in travel and tourism. [4:35]

Tour Directors and Tour Guides connect with their tour guests through the stories they tell about the locations they visit. At ITMI, students learn how to create magic through their stories. Students who were afraid of public speaking reported that, through ITMI, they were able to conquer a lifelong fear. [2:16]

Watch this video to learn how much Tour Directors and Tour Guides are paid and how ITMI will help you jump start your new career. Get certified as a Tour Director or Guide with ITMI and get paid to travel. [4:01]

One of the most rewarding aspects of Tour Directing and Guiding is having your tour guests tell you that you helped to make their vacation an exceptional experience. This video shares how ITMI trains Tour Directors and Guides to set the mood for their tour groups. [4:35]

VIDEOS : Travel Careers In Action

Meet ITMI Alumni and International Tour Director, Larry Bell. A retired Air Force Officer, Bell decided to follow his passion for travel into an encore career as an International Tour Director.

Meet ITMI Alumni, Lucero Macedo, an International Tour Director with a spirit of adventure.

ECPAT-USA, the Leading Anti-Human Trafficking Policy Organization in the USA, has named the International Tour Management Institute (ITMI) a Top CODE Member. Human trafficking awareness education is part of the ITMI curriculum. All students in the program learn how to identify and report potential victims of human trafficking.

VIDEOS : Symposium Speakers Series

ITMI Symposium Speakers Series 2014 : Rick Steves on The Magic of Travel. [10:07]

ITMI International Tour Management Institute Symposium Speakers Series 2014 : Rick Steves on Travel as a Political Act. [14:31]

ITMI Symposium Speakers Series 2014 : Rick Steves on Valuing the Tour Director, Guide, & Company. [8:40]

ITMI Symposium Speakers Series 2014 : Exec Comm on Communicating with Confidence. :   [4:44]

ITMI Symposium Speakers Series 2014 : Rick Steves on History, Culture & Economics. [12:48]

ITMI Symposium Speakers Series 2015 : Martha Johnson on Leadership and Resilience. [39:13]