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Upcoming Alumni Master Classes

Master Class - Business Coaching & Marketing

Introducing our Upcoming 20-week Business Coaching & Marketing Series with Professional Coach, Doug Quakenbush

Free Intro Webinar - Tuesday, June 14th at 8:00am EST / 11:00am PST


Master Class - Increasing Your Bottom Line

Maximize tips, earn better reviews, go from ordinary to extraordinary as a tour leader & guide

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ITMI Alumni in Cuba

Business Coaching & Marketing Series

Careers worth having come from businesses worth owning

  • Do you struggle to secure enough work? 
  • Are you often at a loss about how to position and package yourself? 
  • Is it tough to really know what to do to make your business successful? 
  • Are you waiting for Tour Operators to find you when it’s truly on you to find them? 
  • How should your conversations with prospective employers sound? 
  • How do you market yourself? What's your brand? 
  • What do your marketing messages need to say?
  • How do you track your successes and evaluate your setbacks?

If you Answered “Yes” to Any of the Above Then This is For You

ITMI has partnered with The Business Compass, a mastery coaching firm, to deliver a series of 20 on-line episodes designed to help our alumni with business ownership issues that keep you from having the Tour Director career of your dreams. 

When We Asked Tour Operators What They'd Like to See From You, Here is What They Said...

  • A Tour Director / Guide who understands their personal skills and assets
  • A willingness to build a business-to-business relationship with them
  • A consistent resume, oral & written communication
  • An understanding of the importance of schedules and availability
  • A personal business style and attire that exudes confidence
  • Presentation skills and a passionate attitude for their Tour Company, their brand and for their tour guests that delivers an incredible, memorable travel experience

Each of the 20 weekly videos is designed to get you thinking like a business owner. These “art of business” lessons will challenge you to take a different view of yourself and the service you offer for packaging yourself as a valuable asset in the travel industry.

Here's What You Can Expect During the 20-week Class

  • What You Think is Who You Are - Thinking like a business owner
  • Your Business: the Unmet Need - It’s what they need; not what you offer
  • What You Sell; What They Buy - Packaging yourself is key
  • Helping Them Know Who You Are - It’s all about your personal brand
  • Resume’ as Competitive Advantage -  What you add and what you do
  • Relationship-building is a Contact Sport - Making it easy to find you
  • Be ProActive – In All You Do - Top-of-Mind or Out-of-Mind
  • Answers to Your Burning Questions - Bringing you into these episodes
  • Knowing how to say, “No” - The boundaries of your business
  • Your Reputation is Your Brand - It’s what they think that counts
  • Understand All the Little Things - “We’re not in Kansas anymore”
  • Peer Pressure Works! - Creating a great accountability group
  • Business Writing Skills; Not for Granny - Writing Skills: you’ve got it backwards
  • Marketing: Investment or Overhead? - Playing “Red Light, Green Light”
  • More Answers to Burning Questions - More about the Art of Business
  • Using Cash: It’s Part of the Cycle - The Art of Nurturing & Feeding
  • Your business: Bigger than You -  In Solopreneur, it’s all about Solo
  • Words are Powerful Tools - How a conversation should sound
  • Tips on Getting Better - To Be a Leader: practice, practice, practice
  • Where to go from here - What’s awaiting you, and Why

This Program was Created Exclusively for ITMI Alumni  

While ITMI supports this program, the entire content, payments, registration and participation will be through The Business Compass. Your investment in this program will be for 20-weeks. Each week will include a 10-minute video along with about 30-60 minutes of homework that reinforces each episode. That is a commitment of about 1-hour each week. If you choose, you can submit your homework, by email, to The Business Compass where it will be reviewed and any added comments sent back to you. 

Each weekly video will be released to registrants only on a specific day and be available to you when you’re ready. If you fall behind, past videos will be made available to you. 

Master Class Cost

The entire 20-week class is being offered exclusively to ITMI Alumni for only $295 (Similar The Business Compass programs are $250 per month)

Classes are limited to 50 participants to manage your weekly homework and reply to your questions.

You can’t find a better program specifically designed for ITMI Alumni and delivered by a world-class coach at such a low investment. We encourage all of you, whether struggling to start your career or looking to add structure to your current business, to take advantage of this customized opportunity.


About Doug Quakenbush & The Business Compass

Doug is a world-class mastery business coach and revenue consultant who will guide you through the process. Many of you have met Doug at the Annual ITMI Symposiums or in survey conversations. They have created a 20-week experiential program designed specifically for the ITMI Alumni. Utilizing 10-minute videos with weekly assignments, Doug will lead you through thought-provoking discovery of challenges & illustrations designed to teach you to think like a business owner in peer-to-peer relationships in your professional world. ITMI & Symposium have prepared you as a tour director & guide. The Mastery Coaching Series will guide you through the business side for greater success. 

Doug Quakenbush (left) moderating Ask the ITMI Home Team at ITMI Symposium 2016

Doug Quakenbush (left) moderating Ask the ITMI Home Team at ITMI Symposium 2016