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The ITMI Motorcoach Driver Training has helped our drivers learn valuable skills to enhance the quality of their customer service and improve the entire experience.
— Silverado Stages
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ITMI provided valuable insights and guidance, which will undoubtedly have long term benefits for us.
— PDJ Global Logistics
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ITMI motor coach driver training has given our drivers an opportunity to learn valuable interpersonal skills; to enhance the quality of their customer service and to more effectively interact with tour directors, tour guides and our customers
— Ryan's Express
As a company that thrives on the quality of our guest’s experiences, we couldn’t imagine using any other company. ITMI has consistently proven to provide us with superior tour professionals.
— Shore Excursions of America


The Motorcoach Driver is one of the most important members of any tour team. His or her knowledge, professionalism, and demeanor has a direct and significant impact on every guest's overall experience. 

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ITMI's Motorcoach Driver Certification identifies and addresses the unique needs of every motorcoach company. Its core curriculum covers essential subjects such as the Psychology of Group Travel as well as establishing and maintaining strong working relationships with Tour Directors, Tour Guides, Suppliers, and other Tour Professionals.


At the heart of this one-day intensive training program is a deep understanding that all Tour Professionals must appreciate each other's critical roles in order for everyone to thrive. All exercises are focused on developing skills and techniques that will benefit the Motorcoach Driver in every scenario imaginable. 

Our simulations are crafted to accurately represent real-world situations in which informed problem-solving abilities and quick-thinking skills are a must. Upon completion of this training program, Motorcoach Drivers' responses to familiar challenges become natural, polished, and seamless. When they adhere to basic principles and best practices, they tend to enjoy their jobs more, receive increased gratuities, and ultimately generate more business for the Motorcoach Company.

Driver will also learn how to: 

  • Work with people who are afraid, angry, or upset
  • Handle various crises without alarming passengers
  • Turn problems into opportunities and maintain a positive attitude
  • Represent the Motorcoach Company brand professionally and memorably
  • Assist disabled guests in a sensitive and ADA-compliant manner
  • Recognize verbal and non-verbal cues and respond appropriately
  • Be proactive and manage bumps in the road before they become problems

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