You're on your way

Once accepted into the program, ITMI will send you your Acceptance Letter and Enrolment Contract via email, which will detail the following:

  • Welcome Documents

  • Acceptance Letter, Contracts & Tuition Payment Schedule

  • Consent to Use of Personal Information

You should fully review the acceptance package. Once reviewed, the Enrollment Contract needs to be signed and returned to ITMI with your $500 deposit (first tuition payment) and proof that you are a High School Graduate or equivalent. Proof can be any of the following:

  • High School Diploma / Graduation Transcript

  • GED Equivalent

  • Post-Secondary School Degree or Diploma

  • Graduate School Diploma

  • Proof of attendance to a Post-Secondary School / Institution

Please note: ITMI has not entered, nor intends to enter, into a matriculation or transfer agreement with any college or university. For students admitted from other countries, ITMI will verify student status with no associated charges. ITMI does not provide Visa services.