Tour Director / Tour Guide Curriculum Week 1

Who’s Who in the Travel Industry

Local and City Sightseeing

Tour Director Field Workshop / practical application

Psychology of Group Travel / People and Situational Handling

Field Workshop / incentive (written exam)

Resume and Cover Letter Workshop, Research City Tour and Individual Counseling

Field Workshop (oral exam) / technology


Tour Director / Tour Guide Curriculum Week 2

(Tour Director Week 1 is a Pre-Requisite to Week 2)

Motorcoach / Intermodal Tours

Two-Day Overnight Tour Director / TOUR GUIDE Field Training Workshop / Tour

International Tour GUIDE AND TOUR DIRECTOR / Motorcoach / Intermodal Travel

Human Trafficking Awareness Training / social media & marketing / Student & youth Travel

Review Technical / Emergencies and Healthy Travel / DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL Cruise POSITIONS / Rail Tour and Travel

International Destination Briefing / Final Exam (Written and Oral)

Exit Interviews / Evaluation / Strategy Session / Action Plan


Your Dream Job Awaits