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— Photo taken by Hannah Parsons, ITMI Alumni, In New Zealand


Professional Skills Development in the Classroom 

ITMI is committed to your success before and after graduation.


we don't stop growing so you don't have to stop growing

ITMI attends National Conferences like NTA, ABA, SYTA, NFTGA and more to stay on the cutting edge of trends in the Travel & Tourism Industry. We are constantly finding new tour companies and building relationships with them to provide work for our graduates.  

Interview Techniques - Role Playing

We realize that beginning a new lifestyle can feel stressful, and the interview process may seem daunting. Therefore, we have dedicated one segment of the course to interview techniques and role-playing, to ensure that you are familiar with the potential questions that the tour operators may ask.  This segment also gets you prepared to join ITMI’s exclusive Symposium.

Resume Preparation

ITMI will assist you in preparing your special tour director résumé, which will be completed prior to the end of the course.

Professional Photography

A professional head shot for your résumé will be taken prior to the completion of the class.

Cover Letter and Video Introduction

The cover letter and video that you send is just as important as your résumé. It tells the tour operator a bit more about who you are and what you are like ‘off the page.’ Therefore, as part of your preparation and course work, a cover letter is reviewed to ensure that you have the right techniques to get hired.

Strategy Session — Creating an Action Plan

After successful completion of the course and graduation, a one-hour, individual, follow-up strategy session will be conducted with two of your primary instructors to discuss your overall performance. During this important one-on-one consulting session, your instructors will help you define your immediate and long-term goals, share feedback and determine which tour operators will best meet your goals.

Lifetime Career Placement Assistance after Graduation


Alumni Guidance / CounseLling Days

Both in the office and classroom, our staff team members are there year-round to encourage, support and help you strengthen your skills to be successful. We offer counselling and strategy session/future planning days every week. Alumni counselling days are designed especially for you. Prior to the appointment, you will be asked to fill out a graduate follow-up form. It will help the team member determine the next steps to further your career goals.

Job Leads

ITMI partners with more than 700 tour companies in North America and around the World. Tour operators contact us every day with specific employment opportunities. We pass those on to you throughout the life of your career.

Although we do as much as we can to assist you, we cannot guarantee employment. ITMI is always available to assist you should you experience any challenges on the road or in gaining employment.

ITMI Annual Symposium and Reunion

For over three decades, ITMI has been hosting a one-of-a-kind event exclusively for ITMI Alumni. It is designed for you with educational opportunities to strengthen your personal and professional development. Motivational speakers, interactive panel discussions and complimentary Pre/Post FAM Tours provide you with additional destination knowledge, and if desired, exclusive opportunities are available for roundtable, face-to-face interviews with tour operators who come each year to find the right person for employment opportunities in the coming season and beyond.

A Trusted Brand

We are proud that ITMI is a trusted brand in the industry. Our tour operator partners hire more ITMI alumni because of our commitment to hands-on skills training and the overall thoroughness of our program. They also realize the resources we provide our alumni, long after graduation. By understanding our tour operator partners and getting to know our graduates really well, we are able to recommend the right person for their company’s needs.



Student Testimonials

What ITMI students say about the program


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Sandi Wentzel Alumni 2005 talks about her experience as an ITMI student, her time in the tourism industry and her current role as ITMI instructor.

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