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Learn to Travel for a Living

We give you the tools to start your travel career. 

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Do You Dream of a Career In Travel?


Explore the World


Build Lasting Connections


Make a Positive Impact

Learn all about the joy of being a Tour Director: Inspire others through travel. Empower people to learn about their global community. Enrich your clients’ lives by opening them up to the wonders of the world. Filmed by Yasmin Nguyen of the Joyful Living Project.

Andres Bonilla, ITMI Alumni 2014 Zip lining in Costa Rica

Andres Bonilla, ITMI Alumni 2014 Zip lining in Costa Rica

Photo taken by Lori Bodkin, ITMI Alumni 2018, on tour in the the Canadian Rockies

Photo taken by Lori Bodkin, ITMI Alumni 2018, on tour in the the Canadian Rockies

Encourage others to explore, stretch their limits, grow and do something they've never done before.

Are you passionate about travel, building a solid career and making a difference in the world through travel?


The highest-quality, hands-on training in the industry.

At the International Tour Management Institute (ITMI), we help people realize their travel dreams by turning their passion for travel into a fulfilling career. 

ITMI has been training and certifying our students to become tour and travel professionals since 1976, and was the first American school designed specifically to train professional tours directors and tour guides. 

Since it's inception, ITMI has proudly graduated over 8,000 students from around the world with a 92% graduate job placement rate.  

Many tour operators will only hire ITMI graduates because they recognize that our graduates have the highest quality, hands-on training in the industry. 


Why Tour Operators Hire ITMI Graduates










  • Proven curriculum providing the leading edge advantage in the travel industry.

  • Mentoring and coaching from active tour director & guide professionals.

  • Classroom preparation with real-world scenarios, storytelling, mapping and tour research.

  • Hands-on learning method & re-creation of an actual tour experience on a motorcoach.

  • Training on the latest technology and apps to make your job efficient and effective.

  • Focus on building community with your fellow classmates.

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Career Connections

  • Your success is our success; therefore, helping you reach your personal and professional goals is our priority.

  • We help you accomplish your goals so you can get your dream job.

  • Through our partnerships with over 700 tour operators, we know how to get you started, whether you’re interested in adventure, student, intergenerational, faith-based, cultural food & wine, eco, motorcycling tours and so much more.

  • Join us for ITMI’s Annual Symposium featuring education, networking and in-person job interviews.

  • Access the Exclusive ITMI Alumni Membership Area, join an ITMI Signature Master Class, ITMI Fun Familiarization tours or sign up for an ITMI Online e-Course.

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Community Outreach

  • As tour directors and guides, you make a difference as stewards of the environment and by giving back to your local community.

  • Many of our alumni generate awareness of issues affecting our global community.

  • We are proud of what ITMI alumni are doing around the world to give back and create a sustainable world for current and future generations to enjoy.



  • As a graduate of ITMI, you will have joined the world's largest network of Professional Tour Directors and Guides.

  • Your travel community begins in the classroom and will continually grow.

  • After graduation, you are welcomed into the largest network of tour directors and guides living and working on all seven continents.

  • As an alumni, you are invited to join our private Facebook group, an on-line community where you will find job leads, news, upcoming events, meet fellow alumni in your local area and around the world, receive immediate help when challenges arise or simply meet up.

  • Through this common bond you will enjoy instantaneous friendships to enjoy on or off the road.


Student Testimonials

ITMI Graduate Barb shares her story.

ITMI Graduate Matt shares his story.

ITMI Graduate Meenoy shares her story.


“Being a Tour Director is such a remarkable turn in my life’s journey. Perhaps a dream come true. Thank you so much for what you have done on my behalf, and what you continue to do for so many others!"




Our Programs

ITMI's reputation is built on 40 years of being the leader in the Tour & Travel Industry. We are proud that ITMI is a trusted brand. Tour companies, motorcoach companies and travel leaders look to ITMI for our ability to provide the most comprehensive curriculum and field experience in the travel industry. 


ITMI Tour Director & Guide Certification Program

The ITMI Tour Director & Guide Certification Program is the most comprehensive curriculum and field experience available in the travel industry.  The 2-week course gives you the credentials to start your travel career. Classes are held in your choice of location: San Francisco, Boston, Washington D.C. and Vancouver and consists of 40% classroom and 60% hands-on field training. This course is only available in-person and is not offered online. Whether you are new to travel or are an already established guide or travel director, come be a part of the world’s largest community of tour directors & guides that will help open doors to another level of touring.


ITMI Motorcoach Driver Customer Service Training

A powerful one-day Certification that will give your drivers the tools and skills to provide customer service excellence. Your ROI includes re-energizing drivers, increasing morale, productivity, sales and profits. It will inspire drivers to be your Brand Ambassadors.


Build-Your-Own Program

ITMI develops customized programs for tour operators, suppliers, event planners and other members of the tourism industry. Customized training identifies and meets the specific needs of your organization. We design your curriculum to provide the experiential learning that will prepare your employees to meet the day-to-day challenges of their job.

Components may include how to organize a tour, how to plan itineraries, pre and post-trip preparation, domestic and international trip planning, communication skills, the psychology of group travel, dealing with difficult situations, problem solving, crisis management and more. We develop courses that span from a one-day seminar to a two-week intensive program.  


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