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— Canadian Rockies Korey Amrine ITMI Alumni 2010 and Sheri Tousey ITMI Alumni 2012, also both ITMI instructors.


There's no bigger office than the entire world

It’s time to break free from your cubicle. Tour directing and tour guiding are dream careers.

What’s not to love about visiting exotic places and having once-in-a-lifetime experiences daily, while making a great living?

Tour Directors and Tour Guides connect with guests in deep, meaningful ways, and those guests recount those experiences for the rest of their lives. Likewise, all tour guides and tour directors have amazing stories of cherished moments with their guests on tour.

We are Tour Directors and Tour Guides making a difference around the world every day.

We love what we do and are offering you the same opportunity — to realize your travel dreams and make a positive impact in the world while doing it.


What Industry Partners Say About ITMI Graduates


Valerie with EF Explore America shares why she prefers ITMI grads.


Jordan with Onward talks about the ITMI advantage.


“ITMI Alumni are prepared and fun!” Mary Ellen and Mike with WorldStrides talk about ITMI grads.

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Graduating Industry Leading Tour Directors & Tour Guides Since 1976

ITMI was the first U.S. school designed specifically to train professional tour directors and guides. Since its inception in 1976, ITMI has proudly graduated over 8,000 students from across the world.

ITMI's 15-day Tour Director and Tour Guide Certification Course is for individuals who dream of exploring the world; people who desire to make a positive impact by sharing their passion for travel and building bridges of understanding between people from around the globe. Tour Directors and Tour Guides have a unique opportunity to become ambassadors of goodwill, to demonstrate respect for other cultures / traditions and for the environment.