Tour Director

Tour Directors lead groups "over the road.” They’re also known as tour managers, international tour directors, adventure guides, course leaders and tour escorts.

They travel with the group throughout the tour, managing the details and enjoying the amazing sights and experiences. They get to experience "once in a lifetime" experiences every day.

They may do this relatively close to home domestically or halfway across the world internationally — it all depends on the assignment as well as their dreams and goals. There are opportunities available to suit all preferences.

Tour Guide

A Tour Guide may conduct walking tours, food and wine tours, hiking, biking, adventure guiding and many other types of tours.

Tour Guides provide local expertise and bring the cities they work in to life. They may also work as hospitality staff with local conventions and incentive travel bureaus.

Some Guides prefer to work only within the city they live in, so they can do what they love and still go home at night to their family and friends.

Do I have to choose between working as a Tour Director or Tour Guide?

Not at all. Most graduates do both and enjoy a balance of home and away. The rewards of working as a Tour Director and Tour Guide are beyond measure. Making a difference in the world and in the lives of the people with whom you travel is incredibly rewarding. Tour Directors and Tour Guides inspire their guests to discover new perspectives. They create bridges of understanding between people and cultures. #ItAllStartedWithITMI.